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Review of “The Origin of Financial Crises” by George Cooper

The subtitle is “Central banks, credit bubbles and the efficient market fallacy”. Executive summary This is much too important of a book to remain as obscure as it is.  Besides, it is quite a fun read. It talks about two subjects: Why markets for goods and services tend toward equilibrium but financial markets do not. … Continue reading

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The book of doom

Markets can be disrupted in numerous ways.  We should prepare as best we can. Gloom Here are some things that will happen some day: An epidemic threatens millions or billions of people. A solar storm cuts electricity to wide areas for weeks or months, and destroys satellites — including satnav (which have atomic clocks used … Continue reading

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Normal market accidents

We think of accidents as abnormal events, but there is “normal accident” theory.  We don’t think of accidents happening in markets, but they do.  That’s why it’s called a market crash. For normal accidents to come into play, two conditions need to hold: the system is complex the system is tightly coupled Certainly the financial … Continue reading

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