MoneyScience is reborn

The MoneyScience website has recently had a dramatic change.

It now has a social infrastructure, and the resources are better organized.  Here I report on the discoveries I’ve made so far in the bit of time that I’ve been poking about on the site.


There is a calendar of events that is organized by month.  These, of course, are events that are of interest to people in finance.


We have all become used to searching the internet.  MoneyScience provides resources with much of the chaff removed.

There is the link library that provides a number of links under several categories.

There is the research library that has papers filed under a number of topics.

There is the book library that is also categorized by topic.

There is the video library that — surprisingly — has videos. One of the videos (on the credit crisis) is:

This leads to the more up-to-date video (on European bonds):

Financial education

There is a page on education in finance. Currently it is restricted to the UK.

Personal space

The social aspect of the site includes a room of one’s own. Here is my profile. You can have one too.

You can decorate your room as you please (within reason). For example, the Burns Statistics public page includes a window that shows the Twitter stream of messages about the R language — that is, those messages that include “#rstats”.


There are a number of groups that you can join. Here is a list of the groups.

The wire

MoneyScience has a facility called the wire which is essentially a Twitter clone that is restricted to MoneyScience. I’m not sure how its use will evolve, but it could be interesting.

Twitter streams

MoneyScience is on Twitter:

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