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The blog


It is now possible to subscribe to the Portfolio Probe blog via email.  Just click on:
Subscribe to the Portfolio Probe blog by Email
(The captcha is often quite challenging, you’ll probably want to refresh a few times until you find one that you think you can actually solve.)

This will send you an email once each day that at least one post is added to the blog.


As always you can still subscribe via RSS:
Subscribe to the Portfolio Probe blog via RSS


Alternatively, or additionally, you can follow:
PortfolioProbe on twitter
This announces the publication of blog posts and has the occasional extra message about R or a joke that few get.

The software

There are two additional mailing lists having to do with the Portfolio Probe software.

Portfolio Probe Newsletter

This is issued a few times a year and talks about the software in a general way, including newly-added features.  You can sign up to this with:

join our mailing list
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Portfolio Probe User’s list

This is also issued a few times a year.  It announces new releases, gives notifications of bugs, and so on.  You don’t have to be a user to subscribe.  You can get this via:

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