Inaugural probe

Dorothy ParkerOnce I decided to blog, I had to determine how to go about it.  My first thought was of Dorothy Parker.  No one ever wanted to leave the table when she was there for fear of the witticisms she would make while they were gone.  There are two problems with this strategy: I don’t know everyone involved with fund management.  Even if I did, I don’t have enough wit to go around.

My second thought was of a film noir in which a writer somehow gets mixed up in some trouble.  A tough guy queries the writer, “What’s in your book?”  “Short sentences.”

I hope to follow the rules of style.  The first rule of style is:

If you have nothing to say, then don’t say it.

The second rule of style is:

If by some miracle you have two things to say, say one thing and then the other.

Or translated into blogese: say one thing and save the other for another day.

I believe that questions are usually more important than answers.  Thus I’d be pleased if this blog were a fountain of ignorance.  More realistically it is likely to be a dribble of ignorance.

But that is the how, not the what.  The ultimate aim of the blog is to increase the quality of the fund management business.  People’s futures are in our hands.  Those futures can be more secure if we use better tools, use better methods, and have clearer thinking.  The penultimate aim of the blog is, of course, to make some money.

Topics are likely to be:

  • Some specifically about the Portfolio Probe software
  • A lot touching on what Portfolio Probe does
  • A lot about fund management more generally
  • An occasional off-topic
  • Not much about cats (unfortunately)

Suggestions for topics are welcomed.

Posts will appear randomly.  There will be no particular schedule for them (remember the first rule of style?).

Some may think that injecting a bit of levity into subjects that are habitually discussed with catatonia-inducing prose means I’m not serious.  I disagree.

I hope you will find the blog enlightening, useful and entertaining.

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