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Things I learned at useR!2011

The title says “things” but conferences are mainly about people. Some of it can be serendipitous.  For example, one day I sat next to Jonathan Rougier at lunch because I had a question for him about climate models.  When Jonathan left, I started a conversation with the person on my other side.  That was most … Continue reading

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Random input software testing

The usual approach to testing software is to create a specific problem and see if the software gets the correct answer.  Although this is very useful, there are problems with it: It is labor-intensive It almost totally neglects to test the code that throws errors There can be unconscious bias in the test cases created … Continue reading

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A view of useR!2011

Start Brian Ripley The conference was opened with a talk by Brian Ripley.  I’ll distort his talk into 3 points that came across to me. 1. R Core is finite The time available from R Core members is a strictly limited good.  The more that is pushed onto R Core, the less attention to details.  … Continue reading

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