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R Inferno-ism: order is not rank

Do not use order when you want rank. Background The update of “A comparison of some heuristic optimization methods” is due to the bug that Luca Scrucca spotted. Actually, it is two bugs: I used order when I meant rank This somehow escaped being in The R Inferno   Problem What I said in my … Continue reading

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Inferno-ish R

CambR was nice enough to invite Markus Gesmann and me to speak at their event on Tuesday. My talk was Inferno-ish R. See also The R Inferno. Epilogue Subscribe to the Portfolio Probe blog by Email

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Physical books of “The R Inferno” and “S Poetry”

Hardcopy versions of both The R Inferno and S Poetry are now available for sale. Physical economy Buy The R Inferno (the version dated 2011 April 30)   Buy S Poetry Discount The publisher, Lulu, has a coupon for a 25% discount off purchases (up to a maximum of $50) that is good until the … Continue reading

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Solve your R problems

  download ‘The R Inferno’ Update While it is still not for sale at a website near you, it is also for sale at a website near you: Buy The R Inferno Epilogue I’m not a lawyer, but here is my understanding of the rules should you want to extract images from this page: Most … Continue reading

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The R Inferno revised

Hell is new and improved. The R Inferno has been revised.  If you don’t know of it, it is a short explanation of a few trouble spots when using the R language.  Somehow the short explanation grew to approach book-length. It can be found at the usual place: http://www.burns-stat.com/pages/Tutor/R_inferno.pdf Major improvements An index has been … Continue reading

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