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Ideas for World Statistics Day

World Statistics Day is 2010 October 20.  If you work with data or you should, then you are a statistician and this is a day for you. Try the Monty Hall problem on your mother. Start reading Bad Science.  I mean the book, but here’s the blog. Take a step towards breaking your spreadsheet addiction … Continue reading

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Perception switching

The current New Scientist includes an article about perception switching.  They use the figure below. “Why your brain flips over visual illusions” is about the brain and perceptual switching (the on-line version also has a great video to play with). These sorts of illusions provide a metaphor for how we should act when doing statistical … Continue reading

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What the hell is a variance matrix?

When I first came to finance, I kept hearing about “risk models”. I wondered, “What the hell is a risk model?” Of course, I didn’t say this out loud — that would have given the game away.  My wife has strict instructions that she is to be the only one to know that I’m an … Continue reading

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