R in Finance and other events


R in Finance

2016 May 20-21, Chicago.

2 days, limited space, 50 speakers, including:

Pat Burns on “Some Linguistics of Quantitative Finance”

Abstract: How can the abstract be written for a talk with an ambiguous and possibly misleading title without itself being vague and misleading? I don’t know, but perhaps: A quest to discover how markets work that starts in the Yucatan.

See the conference website.

Other Events

London Quant Group Spring Seminar

2016 May 12, London.

See the LQG website for details.

Forecasting Financial Markets

2016 May 25-27. Hanover.

See the conference website for details.

 UseR! 2016

2016 June 27-30. Stanford.  Apparently sold out.

The UseR! 2016 website.

London Quant Group Autumn Seminar

2016 September 11-14, Oxford. 30th annual celebration event.

See the LQG website for details.

EARL 2016

2016 September 13-15, London. Effective Applications of the R Language.
See the EARL conference website for details.

Even more events

MoneyScience has an events calendar.

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  1. And another conference: R in Insurance, 11 July 2016, Cass Business School, London: http://www.rininsurance.com/

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