R for Finance, and other upcoming events


R for Finance Workshop

A two-day course introducing R as applied to finance.

2013 December 3 & 4, London.

Lead by Ron Hochreiter with appearances by Pat Burns and others. Details at the Unicom site.

New Events

Thalesians — New York

2013 November 13, 6PM.  Luca Caprioti on “Real time counterparty credit risk management with adjoint algorithmic differentiation”.

Details on the Thalesian website.

Thirsty Quants

2013 November 14, 18:30 to ???.  London.
The Black Friar, 174 Queen Victoria Street, EC4V 4EG

If you are new to the group, look for a bunch of nerds.

Thalesians — New York

2013 November 14, 6PM.  Saeed Amen on “The impact of scheduled events on FX implied vol”.

Details on the Thalesian website.

Big Data in the Context of Financial Analytics and Social Media

2013 December 5. London.

See details at the Unicom website.

London Quant Group

Evening Seminar 2013 December 9, 18:30.

Details on the LQG website.

14-10 Club

2014 January 9. Jessica James on Physics to Finance (Data to Dollars).

Second speaker to be confirmed.

Details at the 14-10 website.

14-10 Club

2014 February 27. Rama Cont on Financial modelling with jump processes.

Second speaker to be confirmed.

Details at the 14-10 website.

14-10 Club

2014 March 13.

Russell Foster on The nocturnal bottleneck and the evolution of the activity patterns in mammals.

Paul Cannon on Extreme space weather — impacts on the UK, engineering infrastructure.

Details at the 14-10 website.

Forecasting Financial Markets

2014 May 21-23, Marseille.

Abstracts accepted until 2014 February 14.

Details on the conference website.


2014 June 30 through July 3. Los Angeles.

Twitter: @user2014_ucla

Details at the conference site.

Previously Announced


2012 December 3.

Details at http://www.londonr.org/

14-10 Club

2013 December 4.

John Oxford: Exhumation, Pathology & Genetics are Basic Ingredients to Reconstruct the Spanish Influenza

Roberto Trotta: Astrophysics, Statistical Challenges in Cosmology

Details at the 14-10 website.

Computational and Financial Econometrics 2013

2013 December 14 – 16, London.

Details at the conference website.

Even more events

MoneyScience has an events calendar.

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