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LondonR is soon — see the “Previously Announced” section.

New Events

Thirsty Quants

2013 March 21, London.

Some thirsty quants will be going for a drink on the 21st of March as
of 18.30 at the Lamb Tavern in Leadenhall Market.

Rethinking the Economics of Pensions

2013 March 21 & 22 in London.

Description and details.


2013 March 25.

Andrius Druzinis presenting about interactive visualisations and GUIs with Shiny and Adrian Alexa who will talk about specific problems he (and many others) need to solve in R, code optimization, and other useful and geeky R tricks.

Details on the CambR website.

London Quant Group

Spring Seminar 2013 May 13 at the Royal Institution.

Details on the LQG website.

Financial Regulation and Systemic Risk

2013 June 6 – 8, Paris.

Details at the conference overview.

Value at Risk and Expected Shortfall

2013 June 25 & 26, London.

Lead by Patrick Burns.  Details at the CFP Events site.

R in Insurance

2013 July 15, London.

Details at the conference website.

London Quant Group

Autumn Seminar 2013 September 8 to 11 in Oxford.

Details on the LQG website.

Computational and Financial Econometrics 2013

2013 December 14 – 16, London.

Details at the conference website.

Previously Announced


2012 March 19.

New venue: Balls Brothers, Minster Pavement, Mincing Lane, London EC3R 7PP (note: meeting room is downstairs on the left as you enter the venue)

5-6pm: Pre Meeting Workshop*: “Report Generation in R” – Gemma Stephenson, Mango Solutions

6 pm: Main LondonR meeting (presentations begin at 6.30pm)

  • Open Data comes to the NHS – Francine Bennett, Mastodon C
  • High-throughput/flow Cytometry Data and how to Load, Transform and Visualise Data and Gate Populations – Ulrike Naumann
  • Enterprise grade R on Spotfire – David Rice, Agilexi

Details and (free) registration at http://www.londonr.org/

14-10 Club

2013 April 17.

Julian Baggini on “Why Science Can Never Kill Philosophy”. Paul Craven on “Behavioural Finance: from biases to bubbles”.

Details at the 14-10 website.

14-10 Club

2013 May 9.

Brian Foster on “Particle physics”. Yasmine Hayek Kobiessi on “Multifractal-Financial-Markets-Alternative”.

Details at the 14-10 website.

PMAR North America

Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk.

2013 May 16-17, Philadelphia.

Details at the Spaulding Group.


2013 May 17-18 in Chicago (of course).

See the conference website.

Forecasting Financial Markets

2013 May 29-31 in Hanover, Germany.

Details on the conference website.

PMAR Europe

Performance Measurement, Attribution and Risk.

2013 June 11-12, London.

Details at the Spaulding Group.

14-10 Club

2013 June 13.

Greg Davies on “Behavioural and Quantitative Finance”. Alexis Kirke presumably saying something about computer music.

Details at the 14-10 website.

useR! 2013

2013 July 10-12, La Mancha.

The conference website is http://www3.uclm.es/congresos/useR-2013/

Follow on twitter: @useR_2013

Even more events

MoneyScience has an events calendar.

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