Newsletter sign-up problems

There have been some issues with the sign-up process for the Portfolio Probe newsletter and the Portfolio Probe user’s list.  The issues may or may not be in the past tense.

The way the process is supposed to work is:

  1. You sign up for one or both lists
  2. You get a message from us saying we heard you, and wondering if you really meant to sign up for getting the blog via email instead
  3. Mailchimp sends you an email for you to confirm that you want on the list(s)

Step 3 is the key step, and has been missing for a while.

If you attempted to sign-up before and did not receive a message from Mailchimp, please try again.

So far we’ve had mixed results with testing our fix.  If you don’t get a message from Mailchimp in a reasonable amount of time, then you can always email us to confirm that you want on the list (we err on the side of not adding people to the list if it is not certain).  Just reply to the step 2 message or send to

We’ll do our best to protect your email address.

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Portfolio Probe User’s list

This is also issued a few times a year. It announces new releases, gives notifications of bugs, and so on. You don’t have to be a user to subscribe. You can get this via:


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