Review of “Brain Rules” by John Medina

Finally, an operator’s manual for the human brain.

You should read this book, but in the meantime I’ll summarize the rules over which you have some control:

  • exercise
  • don’t be boring
  • repeat to remember
  • sleep
  • chill out
  • don’t be boring
  • don’t be boring
  • be curious

The greatest of these is curiosity.


A quote from the introduction:

Our schools are designed so that most real learning has to occur at home.  This would be funny if it weren’t so harmful.

Hmm, I wonder if he thinks businesses are optimally run.


Congratulations if you guessed no.  He thinks the typical office is close to optimal for minimum brain function.

If you are — or plan to be — net long the market, you should encourage everyone you know to read this book.  If you read it and it doesn’t change your life, you should read it again.



The website connected to the book is


The current New Scientist has its cover story on the brain.

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