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Elsewhere in the blogosphere this week

Markets Sex and statistics Marginal Revolution had the post Sex and Statistics or Heteroscedasticity is Hot which reports on the OkTrends post The Mathematics of Beauty. The summary is that conditional on their average beauty rating, the women with more variable ratings get more interest.  The post proposes a theory that there is less competition … Continue reading

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Deflation, inflation and blown tires

Jonathan Ruffer provides a brilliant metaphor regarding the possibilities for deflation and inflation. It is in the recent post by Jonathan Davis: Q and A with Jonathan Ruffer. I don’t see how I can improve on what is said there.

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Physical economy v social economy

There’s a hole in the bucket of traditional economics. Homo socialus seems to be on the rise, and homo economicus is getting harder to find. Vulcanism has become evident in the R community over the last several days.  One of the visible eruptions has been over money.  This resulted in a blog post by Tal … Continue reading

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