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Quantum thinking

Human logic is more like quantum logic than formal logic. The Physics of Finance in “Quantum thinking” points to an article in New Scientist (actually the cover piece) about the connection between the mathematics used in quantum physics and the non-logicality of human logic.  The blog post also gives some interesting background on the writing … Continue reading

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Review of “Risk and Meaning” by Nicolas Bouleau

The subtitle is: Adversaries in Art, Science and Philosophy. Executive Summary Genius or madness? I haven’t decided. Irreversibility of interpretation The book drives home that once we decide how something is we can’t go back to our state of innocence. Figures 1 through 3 exhibit this idea via a randomly generated polygon.  Look at Figure … Continue reading

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Schelling points and prices

Deus Ex Macchiato has a brief post called “Prices as modified Schelling Points”.  It is a cute little idea about how markets work. I had known of the concept of Schelling points but not their name. Subscribe to the Portfolio Probe blog by Email

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